Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wow Time is flying by.

It was just Christmas just yesterday I am sure of it. How, when, where and why did it get to be June already? I guess it is true then it was said "Time stands still for no man", not even a woman.....he he he.
I have been enlightened to so many things in the past six months.
1) I am not afraid to live on my own... (Not that I am getting rid of Lee.)
2) That buying our funeral plans is not so bad.
3) Even if you try and try some things can't be changed, even if they need to be.
4) Not every thing is as it seems.
5) That owning a motorcycle at 52 and getting your motorcycle lincense at 53 is awesome and powerful.
6) If you have a windshield you don't get bug between your teeth.....he he.
7) At this stage in life there is so little time and sooooo many things to do.....

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