Saturday, December 4, 2010

This the Season........

Well as you can see from the date of my last blog on here, it has been a long time. So I thought I should take a minute and up date a few things.
Life is back to as normal as normal gets. Lee and I are mostly content to be old fudedudies!
We have had some great times and out comes this last year.
We both bought motorcycles at the end of Aug., I have my learners permit, and am so looking forward to next spring when I can ride like a crazy woman. Lee and I have some great idea's on where we are going to take rides next year. '
Never in my 52 years was it a thought that I would have my own motorcycle. But the little rides I have went on this fall, I should have got one years ago.
Amanda has had a fairly rough year. I don't want to go into to deep, but she is doing as good as she can right now. She has a job that keeps her very busy. I have had one of her bosses from the company she works for tell me " she is very valuable to them" She is an awesome worker.
Sidney, Shalese, and Britton are growing up so quickly and they are awesome kids. I love them so much. And I have a great time with them.
Megan and Scott have had such a better year then 2009.
Lincoln is healthy, and is learning new thing every day. Bless the Lord for his blessing to Lincoln.
Scottie, Savana and Luke, are as busy as ever. These three kids did awesone the four months while Lincoln was in the hospital.Their Mom and Dad only missed one day of the four months Linkie was there. And the three kids where visitors in many different angels who cared for them durning this time. I have had some really fun times with these kids. There is not a time I sleep over do I have a free side durning the night. There is always a fight to see who gets on of my sides to sleep by.
Kellie and Ashley are busy raising those three boy and a little girl who is just rough and tumble as the boysl They are all active and very curious. They have plenty of energy. They love everyone and are happy to visit anyone and get to know anyone. One of the sadest things these little guys do to me is to cry and cry when I leave cause they want to come with me. There is nothing sadder to leave those crying babies.
There is never a dull minute about Skeemerland......

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