Friday, January 8, 2010

Every Day Life Is a Learning Experiance

This last week has been a whole new WORLD for little ole' Delta, Utah and an eye opener to me.
With the shooting of Officer Jose Greathouse Fox, I have witnessed first hand how someone actions can greatly have the ripple affect. Officer Fox was shoot by an illegal for Mexico who had just made a drug deal.
Tuesday morning was a buzz with police, media and the silent sadness of the lose of a hard working, loving and very strong woman. She had grown in so many ways and had picked her shelf up and had made good with her life. She had made friends with many, many citizen's in Delta and Millard County. Doing her job, she was shoot and killed by, a man who should not have been here in the USA. I have no solution on how to fix that problem, so I will leave it alone.
But it today I made some phone calls to let the local restaurants of Delta aware of the number of officers who will be present for the funeral on Monday. As I made the calls, one of them was the Taco Shop here in Delta. I talked to the owner and explained the reason of the call. After telling him about Monday, he said to me How sorry he was about the shooting and how much they as a community felt bad about it. I immediately said Please don't apologize to me! That this could have been done by anyone, even a white person. After hanging up I cried. It made me feel so bad that he felt like he needed to apologies for another persons mistake just because he is of the same race.
I hope that other Deltans will take note and make the Hispanic here feel the love and not the generalize all of them one lump.

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