Sunday, November 2, 2008


Lee and I are doing some remodeling. Do to things that were out of our control (refrigerator repair man tore an hole in the linoleum)we are replacing the linoleum in the kitchen and dining room. So like any good women who has taken the vowel to redecorated, I am up holding the oath. We spent half the day buying new flooring and paint. We had a quite a time exploring the option we had. Lee was very good at letting me get what I wanted. The colors of paint and the color of tile. I do have good taste, I picked him.
So today Lee fixed the hole in the celling where the swamp cooler was and we replaced it with central air. We are living right up town now.
I have been thinking about what colors I would like the new paint to be. I hope what I picked will look as good on the wall as it does in my mind.

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