Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One of many to come

Last week I was informed of the death of one of my siblings. I now only have two brothers. This is not a surprise but it is a tragedy, one that has been in the making
for many, many years. If there is one thing I have learned over my fifty years is death is the ending of some things and the birth of others. After losing my Mother at the age of 10, many things were over looked by whole gambit of people. Not that it is any ones fault, it's just the way it was. Through this tragedy there is a light at the end of dark mist.
J.E. Turner Jr. (aka Noah Gustin) was married for a short time in the late 70's and Fathered the first of two sons. Anthony Steven Turner born in 1979. It is fuzzy just what J.E. did for many years for me. He was here and there, in and out. Then in early 80's J.E. he became a Father to a second son, Jeromy Reinpold. Noah at this point for he legally changed it to came back to Salt Lake City. He spent a year or so in S.L.C. and then went to Ariz. with my Dad. That was short lived and again he and Jeromy were gone out of our lives again.
The last time I time I had spoken to Noah was when he called me for my birthday. That was in 1994. In Sept. of that year we moved to Oasis Ut. I had did what I could to try to find Noah here and there. Once I found him on Classmates.com and I had heard from an Uncle that cousins who lived in Colorado Springs, Colo had seen him.
Not any thing more. Now I know why I had not heard any thing about him lately.
J.E. (aka Noah) died on Dec. 31, 2005. This is found in an Obituary in the Colorado Springs Gazette. NOAH GUSTIN

Born Oct. 13, 1960. Died Dec. 31, 2005.

Carpenter, eight-year Colorado Springs resident. Survived by two sons, Jeromy Reinpold and Anthony Turner. Advantage Chapel of Memories.
I am at a loss right now. I have so many questions, with little way to get answers.
Back to the light. I have now spoken to Anthony (Tony)twice and he has blogged on myspace about his feelings. I think this is the silver lining to what is a sad ending. Tony is very happy to know who some of his family is and to know he is wanted. I hope to have the rest of my life to build a relationship with him. I hope
to let him know we are a loving family.
Hopefully Jeromy will be part of this family we are extending.


Amanda said...

Beautiful!! I know that this is a hard time but like you said it opened up a bunch of new doors for us and soon we will all be together again!

Skeemer Land said...

Thanks for your loving thought. I love you and am so glad you are my daughter.xoxoxoxo