Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Filling in the blanks

I am most happy to say that I heard from Jeromy on Sunday Oct. 9, 2008. He called me from Germany. He is a Staff Sargent in the US Army. His job is a cook in at a Correction Facility for the Army. He has a year and a half left on his tour, he said he will be glad to come home to the states. He is married to Linsay and they have two children. A son named Jeramiah and a daughter Sidney. Linday has made me one of her friends on my space and so I was able to look at her picture. I searched every one to see what she and the children look like. Of course Jeromy is no longer a child and so it was also a treat to see what he looks like as an adult. I can see the little Jeromy in his eyes, he is srill there. I look forward to the time when Jeromy, Tony and the rest of the family can have a person to person visit.
We will be seeing Tony as soon as possible. But we have to wait to see Jeromy.

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The Brown Family said...

lots of great adventures to come!!