Monday, October 20, 2008

My favorite time of year

This is by far my favorite season of the year. It is cooling down, the leafs are a gambit of colors, spider webs float in the breeze and life from a busy summer starts to wind down. The crops are in for the most part and the ground is settled for a long deserved nap. The fallen leaves cover the earth like a blanket to hold in the last of the warmth from the fading summer sun.
Halloween is in a week and so we will be seeing little ghost and goblins at our doors. I for one will be celebrating this season in a number of ways. First the gang and I are headed for Witch's Night Out and Gardner Village on this coming Friday. And second Cheryl and I will be dressing up on ALL HALL OWES EVE. The two of us said the year we turned fifty we would dress up and go Trick or Treating and this is the year. We are not telling a whole lot of people around us just so we can stay incognito. Sidney says that I a very different Grandma. I just don't cook and sew, that I do fun things. Well I guess that is true. I like to have adventure when I can.
Life is to short to not live it.


The Brown Family said...

I love your descriptive story! Very well written!!

Skeemer Land said...

Thanks Meg, it was very well written. LOL. Mom