Sunday, September 21, 2008

Girls Weekend

Boy what a good time we had on our Girls Weekend. Our good friend Chris Blake invited us to go to her cabin up Mt Pleasant Canyon. We left on Friday night, an came back to night at 8:00. We stopped in Nephi at Taco Time for dinner. We stopped in Mt Pleasant at Terrell's grocery store. We then headed up the canyon to the cabin. We unloaded the car and staked out our sleeping places. Chris slept in her room, Deb on the couch, Cheryl, Kim and I slept up in the loft. Kim had a queen size blow up bed, Cheryl and I each had a bed. We stayed up until 12:30 playing Meet em Beat em or Eat em, a card game Cheryl taught us. We had a great time.
Saturday we took Cheryl out for lunch for her 50th Birthday. Went shopping for awhile, hit Wallyworld and returned to the cabin. We didn't stay up as late as the night before, but we did play some more cards. Tonight Deb taught us Russia Rummie, what a fun card game.
Sunday we got up and just was plain lazy. I don't think most of us got out of our P.J."s until it was time to head for home. Some read, others napped, others frosted our hair. We watched a movie and just hung out. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. We have a great time together. THANKS FOR GOOD TIMES.

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