Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well, Here's another TAG. I know you love 'em


You are supposed to come up with a word for each of these scattergories that begins with the same letter as our first name....

Your name: Lorie
4-letter word: Lover
Pro sports team: Lakes
Celebrity/band: Leo Sayer
Vehicle: Land Rover
TV shows: LA Law
City: Los Angels
Boy name: Luke
Girl name: Lucy
Occupation: Lawyer
Something you wear: Levis
Something you throw away: Leaf's
Food: Lentils
Something you find in a bathroom: Laundry
Reason for being late: Lame
Something you shout: Loser

I tag:

Posted by browniepatch at 11:10 AM


browniepatch said...

Hey mom..... lover is five letters ;)

Skeemer Land said...

So I can't spell!