Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Annual Christmas Cookie Party Exchange

Last night we had our annaual Christmas Cookie Exchange Party. This has been a tradition for about 12 year. The party is held a one of the friends houses and the hostess serves a wonderful meal. We enjoy the evening and exchange gifts along with the cookie exchange. Each friend brings a basket or container to be exchange with the other friends. The basket exchange has been conducted in serval different manners. This year each basket is assigned a number and then we rolled a dice to see what number. Five friends, five numbers, who evered rolled a number other then there own received the basket with that assigned number. It is reall fun to see what everyone will bring. The exchange is not limited to just cookies, this year the were pies, muffins, bannana nut bread and cookies. This is a really fun way to get treats for the company coming for th holiday.
A BIG THANKS to Deb Jenkins for a wonderful turkey dinner with the fixins. THANKS for all the fun.
Love, you guys

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The Brown Family said...

I'm glad you had fun! I wish we did our cookie exchange this year, but at least we still got to do the ornament exchange. Lots of good memories!