Sunday, August 31, 2008

Been there cut that

Here I am as I call it, my office on wheels. There is nothing better then sitting in the drivers seat and looking out over the field at the carpet of green hay and at times a field of little purple flowers in bloom. Then you turn on the motor, push the handle forward, the air and tune's are flowing and off you go. Cutting hay is one of my favorite things to do on the farm. You see butterflies, dragonflies, moths, bees, mosquito's and a gambit of insects. Then there are the little animals, bunnies, pheasants, eagles, hawks and numerous other fowl friends. Once two coyotes came over to the last dyke on the south to forge for dinner. The first time I ever cut I was sitting thinking of how proud my Dad would be to see me sitting up there in my office. I even seem a eagle flying around and it was almost like he was there watching over me. Dad loved eagles and several times since his death I have seen one when I need a little comfort. I know it sound crazy and that is just all right with me. It is what it is.
I love to take the Grandchildren with me in the swather and I think they love to go to. Some times they will lay on the floor and sleep. Some times we sing, laugh and just talk. I hope they will remember the times we were together.


browniepatch said... That was a great post. you expressed yourself in a great way!

browniepatch said...

HEY where'd you get that picture ;)?