Sunday, August 24, 2008

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. Why I have acrylic nails?
Cause I bit me own nails for many years as a young girl. Enough to make them bleed.

2. The dorkiest concert I went to?
Bobby Sherman

3. What color was my bed room in Sandy on Arlo Ave.
Yellow (remember it was the 70's)

4. What is my favorite movie?
Hook ( remember I have Peter Pan Syndrome)

5. What two sports did I play as a girl?
Volleyball and Basketball

6. Where did I start Kindergarten?
Santa Ana, Calif.

7. What was my first car and color?

8. How many sister's and brother's do I have.
I am one of 9 =8

9. How many of each. Brothers and Sisters?
3 Brothers 5 Sisters

10. How many different states have I lived in?
3 Colorado--California--Utah

How many did you know?