Wednesday, December 23, 2009


One thing I have been made well aware of the past year, is that life is for ever changing. That with each passing day, each passing hour and even to the passing minutes there is change.
I am so grateful for having a strong family. I have seen some heavy burdens placed on us this past year. And through it all we have survived. I have said many time this year that it is all a TEST of FAITH. I truly believe this and have seen it with my own two eyes.
Lee is fighting every day to keep on trucking. He will continue to do so until they tell him "NO MORE". Thank you for all you do. No one can still keep up with you.
Grateful to have a job in these time and happy to do it.
Amanda has made great strides in the past few years. Even to the point of owning her own home now.
And to be raising some of the nicest children. She is also a hard worker and keeps The Pizza house a float. She has done remarkable!

Megan and Scott have had a very long year. So many things have crossed their path. So many hardships and yet they have grown so close. Each knowing how it feels to have lost a piece of them. Scott I am so proud of the way you have stood strong for your family. You have been the solid foundation during some very trying times. Meg, God bless your strong spirit. You have lived through one of the things that would have dissolved me. Losing a child has been one of my greatest fears. And to have gone through it and then to have had Lincoln so early! You are my hero.
Brandon and Shayla you to have came a long way baby. Still newly weds and to have taken on the responsibility of owning a home and also having Talan. Lots of changes for you as well. Talan is one of the high lights for 2009. Grandpa is so happy to have him here.
Kellie and Ashley as well have had a heck of a year. But they to have grown in some real strong ways also. I know you plates are full with those darling boys and Mia. I am proud of the way you are holding it together. Thank you for being such a good example for the kids. It will pay off in the end. I promise......
Merry Christmas to every one and and may 2010 bring us all many blessing.

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The Brown Family said...

thanks mom! Now, you would have to know that you are much to do with our ability to "keep it together" , right? You yourself have faced MANY trials in life starting at the tender age of 10. I can only say my strength had to have come from you. Things like this ARE given to us as a test and it's up to us what we do with it....we can be bitter the rest of our lives or we can shift through the pain and find happiness. Our happiness we've found is that while bad things happen, look at how loved we are and look at the beautiful children we have! Thanks for all you've done, you're a God send!! Love ya