Sunday, November 22, 2009


I have failed to post my youngest daughter and her family here on my blog. To them I am truly am sorry that I have neglected to include you! This was not done in any way intentionally and I will make sure to post their events also........

Ashley and Kellie are the proud parents of three boys, Wylee 8, Chauncy 6, Hobie 5, and one daughter Mia 18 months. They love each other and have a lot of fun adventure.
Ashley drives truck for a living and Kellie is a stay at home Mother.
Wyles is very active child and you never know what he will be up to next.
Chauncy is Papa Jesse boy, he love to go to the ranch with Papa.
Hobie is a couch potato he love to watch movie and he remembers the words to every movie he likes, just like his Mother did when she was a child.
Mia is a happy little girl exploring the world around her. She can whip all of her brothers, she has to being the only girl....

Well here is the mends to my neglect

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