Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here comes Easter!!!

I love Easter!! I love the colors, the bunnies, candy, eggs, baskets, Easter grass, peeps, jelly eggs, chadbury eggs, Easter Egg Hunts, Easter dresses, Easter bonnets, hard boiled eggs. I can't think of one thing I don't like about it. This is truly a kids holiday. And as you know I am a large kid. Some of my favorite memories are of all of my Uncle's, Aunts, and cousins going camping at Topaz Mountain for Easter weekend. We always had such a good time. And of course that Easter Bunny always knew where we were. Dad would always tease us about getting his gun to shoot the Easter Bunny. He know just how to get our goats. My Mom did a really cute thing with us when we were little. She would pick one of us kids to start with and she would tell them all about that child's Easter basket and what would be in it, as she went from one child to the next with the tell of their Easter basket it would grow. She would describe it larger and fuller with each basket, until she got to the fifth child. By this time the last children was so worked up and then she would say "And all you get is a basket." Of course we would all sequel. No wonder I love this HOLIDAY.............

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