Thursday, February 5, 2009

Well I am up to my waste in Snow Goose

Well this is the time of the year when my cup run nth over. Of course you all know it is tax season and I am always putting things off until the last minute. Then it is the annual Snow Goose Festival and I am busier then you could believe. But I am having a lot of fun at it. It is always fun to see if you can pull it off. Any thing. Will as a Mother of 3 girls I learned after the first wedding I did for Amanda. The only thing that is important is THEY GOT MARRIED. You are the only ones that have all those ideas of how you want it to go. But in the end, all that matters is THEY GOT MARRIED. So with this in mind, we go forth. Two weeks from today we will have finished your first day and Saturday is at our heels. Tomorrow the taxes will be out of the way and off to the next job. THANK GOD I have one!

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