Thursday, January 15, 2009

Round Two

A year ago I had my gallbladder out. It was the worst thing I have had. I would have much rather had a c-section then to have had the attacks. The surgery was simple, I had it on a Wed. and was back at work on the following Monday.
For the last couple of months I have felt a bulge on the right side of my upper stomach. Finally last Friday it went to see Dr Shamo. He asked what had brought me in and I said I had a lump in my stomach and it better not be a baby ( I am almost 51, with almost 12 Grandchildren, for Pete sakes)! Dr. Shamo ask if it was moving? Is it kicking? No I answered! Well it's not a baby then, was his reply. He felt the lump and said he thought it was a hernia, so he sent me for a CT scan. Sure enough that what it is said the results. So on the 21 of this month off I go.
I have only had three c-section and all of a sudden two surgery in the past year. I have had enough of this all ready.

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The Brown Family said...

you'll do good! Man, now you see why I have the babies the way I do. Knock on wood, but I've only had one major surgery so far in the thirty years of my life!