Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where have the YEARS gone!

When each of the my three girls were born I though I'd have them for ever. Ever doesn't last very LONG. One day they are little and the next they are grown. This was so apparent to me today when I noticed how tall Sidney is getting. She is almost the height of my chin you are getting big. How did that happen? Just yesterday she was a baby, then I think back to her Mother I am sure it was just the day before that Amanda was that baby. HOW, How did this happen? I find there are a lot of things that have just slipped by through the years. Megan took pictures of me while she was here. I like the way she took the pictures but I don't like the look of me (well at least the image of me). In my eyes at least, the ones I look out of I am skinny, young and really cute. Not the girl I saw in the photos. Now thats not saying I am not happy, I am. Probably the happiest I have been in my life. I have related this story to a few friends of mine and they say the same thing. I have recently seen some pictures taken of me in the early 80's I thought the same things then. Little did I know what the future had in store. I guess this is the way it is for some of us. One of the things I don't like is not having the energy I used to have. Before I could go for days on end and some times weeks, now I am lucky to go for a few days in. Then I am wore out, tired and ready for the couch. Where did that all go. I KNOW it is wasted on all of the toddlers. I wish we could bottle up all that energy up and save it for us semi-old folks. That don't know how great naps really are. >WELL IT IS WHAT IT IS. Life in motion.

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